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40 years Satricum Project

Celebrating forty years of archaeological research

25Oct2017 28Oct2017


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Satricum Project, an international conference will be held in Rome from October 25-28 2017, under the aegis of the Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies & Archaeology (ACASA) of the University of Amsterdam and the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome. Forty years of archaeological research in ancient Satricum, have unearthed an outstandingly rich and varied record showing evidence of uninterrupted habitation over a period of nearly 800 years.

Undoubtedly, technology figures prominently in most archaeological research on ancient communities being generally considered a major causal motor for cultural evolution. The conference TracingTechnology. Celebrating forty years of archaeological research at Satricum'seeks to explore the concept of technology not only in its mundane and material dimensions, which traditionally aim to reconstruct the sequence of artefacts manufacture, providing insights about the craft skills of past societies. Even though technology clearly is material, it happens within culturally and historically specific frameworks of dynamic social interaction. Thus, the social processes that shape people’s material world are central to comprehend how technological systems work.

By bringing to the fore ancient social interaction and practical knowledge of techniques, this conference aims to promote a wider understanding of technology as a complex cultural phenomenon embedded in specific worldviews, social practices and human agency in general.

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