Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture

Preservation of Media Art

06Nov2017 10Nov2017


The LIMA workshop 'Preservation of Media Art' invites conservators and registrars working with media artworks in museums to gain an understanding of the different components involved in documenting and preserving media artworks for the sake of preservation and future presentations.

Museums see themselves increasingly confronted with the questions and challenges related with displaying and preserving media art and digital art. These artworks rely on their technological environment, and this is constantly changing. Artworks adapt or perish. Sustaining these works requires new strategies. How will these artworks be kept alive and accessible in the future? Not all collections have much experience in dealing with these type of artworks. What strategies will be needed?

AHM staff member Dr. Sanneke Stigter will present an artist interview training during the workshop.

Lima media art workshop

LIMA media art workshop

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