Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture

CfP: Europe and Heritages in/from the margins

8 August 2017

TRACES is an independent four-monthly refereed journal, launched within the European research programme 'Transmitting Contentious Cultural Heritages with the Arts: From Intervention to Co-Production'. It brings together original, cutting-edge contributions aiming to explore emerging issues in the field of heritage and museum studies. TRACES is currently collecting articles for the forthcoming issues of TRACES Journal (September 2017, January and May 2018).

The heightened profile and nature of different treatments of the European borders after the Schengen Agreement, the Refugee Crisis and EU countries’ different responses to it, the mobilisation of exclusionary European identities, are subjects that need an important reflection. Europe today can only be understood when seen from its social, cultural or geographic margins, thus encouraging European identity processes in which multiple and sometimes conflicting perspectives coexist, rather than being set against each other. The established interrelation between heritage, identity and history—the memory-identity-heritage complex theorised by Sharon Macdonald (2013)—is today no longer univocal: augmented mobility and migration flows combined with the acceleration of communication technology development are enhancing a social condition characterised by multi-transculturality and multi-ethnicity, and generally multi-perspectivity.

TRACES invites scholars, researchers, artists, educators, with the widest range of backgrounds, specialisation, and perspectives, to submit innovative and critical reflections on the theme of “Europe, Heritages in/from the margins”, investigating how in and from the margins—in their multipronged meaning— the development of a more reflexive idea of Europe can be supported.

Published by  Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture