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Modernism and Avant-garde


Dr. Gregor Langfeld (Art History)


Members of the research group

dr. Tessel Bauduin
dr. Carolyn Birdsall
dr. George Blaustein
prof.dr. Nicole Colin

dr. Simon Ferdinand

dr. Eva Fotiadi
dr. Rudolph Glitz

dr. Roel Hijink

dr. Nico Laan
dr. Gregor Langfeld

prof.dr. Mia Lerm-Hayes

dr. Marga van Mechelen

dr. J.P.B.M. (Jan) de Vries

dr. Claartje Wesselink


Description of the research program

This interdisciplinary research group explores modernism and the historical avant-gardes in the broadest sense. The participants are researchers from (art) history, heritage studies, literary theory, and media studies. The research will focus on artists, writers, art works, movements and media of the first half of the 20th century and their reception. In addition to this, their 19th century predecessors, the institutionalization before and after 1945, and correlations between the historical avant-gardes and contemporary art are examined as well. Members of the research group discuss their current research, organize congresses and other projects together. The group also functions as a point of contact for PhD candidates.

A subgroup of Modernism and Avant-garde is Canonization in the Arts:

This research group examines the formation of canons. Main questions are: why do some art works and movements belong to the canon whereas others do not, which groups and institutions are responsible for the assessment of art and artists, and how do power structures in the arts function in the socio-historical context? The researchers explore how these processes of inclusion and exclusion function, in order to unveil the mechanisms of the institutionalization of the arts.