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PhD candidates

Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture

Mr H. (Huub) Baija

Original finishes on Netherlandish 16-17th century picture frames (supervised by Prof. J. Wadum and Prof. A. Wallert)

Mr J.K. (Jan) Bakker MSc

Diet, food preparation, and consumption: a bioarchaeological investigation into the use and disposal of animal products in the Vlooienburg, Amsterdam (1600-1800) (supervised by Prof. J. Symonds and Prof. J. Gawronski)

ir. D. (Dusan) Barok MDes

Database for the Documentation of Contemporary Art (supervised by Prof. J. Noordegraaf and Prof. A. de Vries)

Mr A.M. (Alan) Berg

Learning Analytics Intersection with Job Market Intelligence (supervised by Prof. Robin Boast, Prof. Stefan Mol and Prof. Gabor Kismihok)

Ms M.A.H. (Marleen) van den Berg

Ontrechting en Rechtsherstel van Rotterdamse Joden tijdens en na de Tweede Wereldoorlog (supervised by Prof. Frank van Vree, Prof. Ismee Tames and Dr. Hinke Piersma)

Ms B.L. (Bertha) Bermudez Pascual MA

Dance Intentionality: A Challenge on Documentation Methodologies and Archiving of Intangible Heritage (supervised by Prof. R. Boast and Dr. I. Saloul)

Ms A.C. (Anne-Lise) Bobeldijk MA

20th Century Terrorscapes and Transitional Justice (supervised by Prof. N. Adler and Prof. R. van der Laarse)

Ms I.A.T. (Ida) Bronken

Investigation of soft and dripping paint in paintings from 1946-1971 (supervised by Prof. K. J. van den Berg and Prof. J. Boon)

Ms H. (Henriëtte) Bruins

M.J. Granpré Molière. Architectuur en stedenbouw als beroep en als vraagstuk van eigentijds ontwerp (supervised by Prof. Bram Kempers and Prof. Lex Bosman)

Ms A. (Anna) Buyvid

Artist-Run and Apartment Galleries of 1960s-1990s. European part of Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Baltic region) and Eastern European countries (supervised by Prof. Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes)

Ms V. (Vittoria) Caradonna

Museums Curating the City (supervised by Prof. R. van der Laarse and Dr. C. de Cesari)

Ms R. (Réka) Deim MA

Traumatic Memories of Communism in Hungarian Art, Cinema and Literature after 1989 (supervised by Prof. F. van Vree and Dr. I. Saloul)

Ms D.F. (Dana) Dolghin MA

Beyond the Obligation to Remember: a Reassessment of "Forgetting" in Eastern Europe (supervised by Prof. R. van der Laarse and Dr. M. Lok)

Mr G.A.M. (Geert) van den Dungen

Een vrijzinnig idealist met realiteitszin. Leven en werk van de Joodse componist Sem Dresden (1881-1957) (supervised by Prof. Frank van Vree and Dr Helen Metzelaar)

Ms N.E.M. (Nermin) Elsherif MA

Counter-heritage: critical management approaches to heritage access (supervised by Prof. R. Boast and Dr. C. de Cesari)

drs. K. (Kuniko) Forrer

François Halma (1653-1722) en zijn boekhandel in Utrecht, Amsterdam en Leeuwarden (supervised by Prof. L. Kuitert and Dr. P. Dijstelberge)

Ms R.A. (Ricarda) Franzen MA

Voices for the Future: Sound Archives and the Performing Arts in Twentieth-Century Netherlands (supervised by Prof. K. Röttger and Dr. V. Tkazcyk)

drs. G.P. (Gerardina) Gordeau

Jan van Boendale: Der leken spiegel. Een onderzoek naar de handschriftelijke overlevering (supervised by Prof. J. Biemans)

Ms K. (Kathrin) Hannen

Cultural Heritage as an Asset for Well-being and Integration of Diaspora Communities (supervised by Prof. J. Symonds)

Mr A. (Anthonie) Holslag MA

Living Ghosts: A Comparative Study on Transgenerational Memories of the Armenian Genocide in the Netherlands and Britain (supervised by Prof. F. van Vree and Prof. J. Verrips)

Ms L.S. (Lieve) d' Hont MA

The role of ground colour within the painting process and its influence on appearance (supervised by Prof. E. Hendriks and Dr M.J.N. Stols-Witlox)

Ms G.M. (Grietje) Hoogland MA

Illustration and animation in Dutch public youth television, 1951- 1996 - Media technological, financial and cultural influences forming a professional cultural field (supervised by Prof. H. Wijfjes and Prof. S. de Bodt)

Ms J.D. (Julinta) Hutagalung

Dutch East Indies Information Network in the Period of Transition (1799-1830) (supervised by Prof. Ch. Jeurgens)

Ms M.S. (Matanja) Hutter MA

The manuscript tradition of Jacob van Maerlant’s 'Rijmbijbel' (supervised by Prof. J. Biemans and Prof. K. van Dalen)

Mr R. (Rindert) Jagersma MA

Ericus Walten (1662-1697) and the dissemination of the early Enlightment (supervised by Prof. A. Baggerman and Dr. P. Dijstelberge)

Ms M. (Milda) Jakulyte-Vasil MA

Holocaust Memory in Lithuania: The Search for Jewish Collective Memory (supervised by Prof. R. van der Laarse and Dr. C. Reijnen)

drs. R.M. (Ranjith) Jayasena

Gelaagd Amsterdam, historisch-archeologische analyse van de stadsontwikkeling van 1200 tot heden (supervised by Prof. Jerzy Gawronski)

Ms G. (Gaila) Jehoel

Het culturele netwerk van Jan van Scorel; schilder, kanunnik, ondernemer en kosmopoliet (supervised by Prof. B. Kempers, Prof. G.J. van der Sman, and Dr. M.J. Bok)

Ms P.F. (Pamela) Jordan

Site Sound: using acoustics to analyze Mount Lykaion’s ancient sanctuary to Zeus (supervised by Prof. V. Stissi and Dr. P. Lulof)

drs. I. (Inge) Kalle-den Oudsten

Click & Go? Transforming the Museum through Digital Technologies (supervised by Prof. R. Boast, Prof. W. Hupperetz and Dr. M. Hoijtink)

Ms M.S. (Manon) Kolsteren MA

Natural Disaster and Memory-in-the-Making: Traces and Trajectories of Political Memories in the Emergence of Socially Shared Online Memory Archive (supervised by Prof. J. Noordegraaf and Prof. R. van der Laarse)

Ms E.S. (Eline) Kortekaas MA

Publishing houses as brokers of knowledge in Indonesia (supervised by Prof. L. Kuitert and Prof. R. Raben)

Ms K.E. (Kate) van Lookeren Campagne

Developments in the Technology of Tin-glaze Tile Production in the Northern Netherlands between 1580 and 1850 and the Influence on Susceptibility for Glaze Deterioration (supervised by Prof. M. van Bommel)

Ms M. (Muriel) Louwaard MA

Black Gloss wares from the Hellenistic Votive Deposit in Satricum (supervised by Prof. M. Gnade and Prof. V. Stissi)

Mr P.L. (Peter) van der Maas MA

Urban Activism and the Establishment of Civil Society Opposition during the Desintegration of Yugoslavia (supervised by Prof. R. van der Laarse and Dr. B. Baillie)

Mr F. (Frank) Maes MA

Modern Ontology, Epistomology and Ethical Dilemmas in the Oeuvre of Royden Rabinowitch (supervised by Prof. C.-M. Lerm Hayes)

Ms L.R. (Lindsay) Morehouse MPhil

Making and Faking Egypt: Re(contextualizing) Late Antique Egyptian Artefacts in Museum Collections (supervised by Prof. J. Symonds, Prof. W. Hupperetz and dr. H. Ronnes)

Mr N.A. (Nour) Munawar MA

Lifecycles of heritage in conflict (supervised by Prof. J. Symonds and Prof. B. Kempers)

Ms T.T.L. (Linh) Nguyễn MA

Woodblock Records (supervised by Prof. Ch. Jeurgens)

Ms P.P. (Pauline) O'Connell MA

‘Postrural’ Identities: A practice-led inquiry into and critical reframing of ‘the distribution of the sensible’, explored through ‘lay narratives’, individual and cultural memory (supervised by Prof. C.-M. Lerm Hayes and Dr. J. Boomgaard)

Ms L. (Loes) Opgenhaffen MA

Visualizing the potter's wheel: developing integrated 'digital science' approaches for identifying wheel use in pottery production (supervised by Prof. R. Boast and Dr. J. Hilditch)

Mr A.R.J. (Arier) Pappot MA

The technological history of the use of copper and its alloys, particularly in the Dutch Republic during the 17th century (supervised by Prof. J. Wadum and Dr. A. de Koomen)

Mr G. (Gauthier) Patin

Development and application of an Imaging Micro Fading Tester (iMFT) to assess the light fading risk on Van Gogh’s paintings (supervised by Prof. E. Hendriks, Prof. R. Erdmann and Prof. K.J. van den Berg)

drs. H.A. (Hermine) Pool

Het 19de-eeuwse 'Bijbelsch Museum' van ds. Lendert Schouten: verbindend cultureel erfgoed met maatschappelijke waarde (supervised by Prof. J.W. van Henten and Dr. M. Hoijtink)

Mr L.P. (Leo) van Putten

Graaf op lemen voeten. 'Stand' in een veranderende (inter-)nationale context (supervised by Prof. R. van der Laarse and Prof. H. Ronnes)

Ms S.C. (Sarah) Randeraad MA

Framing the medieval in museums in 19th-century Europe (supervised by Prof. L. Bosman and Dr. M. Hoijtink)

Ms C.A. (Christie) Ray MA

Evaluating Virtual Museums (supervised by Prof. R. Boast)

Ms C. (Claudia) Röck MSc

Conservation Strategies for Computer-based Artworks (supervised by Prof. J. Noordegraaf and Dr. K. Rechert)

Ms I. (Irene) Schrier MA

De Delftse boek- en prentenuitgever Nicolaes de Klerk (1569/70-1623) als pleidooi voor de toenadering van Boekhistorie en Kunsthistorie (supervised by Prof. A. Baggerman and Dr. P. Dijstelberge)

Ms S. (Sarike) van Slooten MA

Lost Empires: Exploring Contemporary Museum Representations of Dutch and English Colonial Past (supervised by Prof. R. van der Laarse and Dr. I. Saloul)

Ms C.J.G. (Catherine) Somzé

Trusting the Web: Digital Source Criticism and the Realibility of Social Media (supervised by prof. J. Noordegraaf and Prof. R. Bod)

Ms L. (Lise) Steyn MA

Cleaning Modern Oil Paints: The Removal of Imbibed Surface Dirt. Towards an integrated conservation methodology for the assessment, contextualization and treatment of imbibed surface dirt on unvarnished modern oil paintings (supervised by Prof. E. Hendriks, Prof. K.J. van den Berg and Dr. M. Stols-Witlox)

Ms M. (Marijn) Stolk MA

Possessions: household goods, personal items, and the materiality of everyday life in Vlooienburg, Amsterdam (1600-1800) (supervised by Prof. J. Symonds and Prof. J. Gawronski)

Ms M.J. (Merel) van der Vaart MA

Museum objects, digital media & visitors (supervised by Prof. R. Boast and Dr. H. Ronnes)

Mr J.C. (Jonas) Veenhoven MA

PHySICAL- Profound study on Hydrous and Solvent Interaction in Cleaning Asian Lacquer (supervised by Prof. Maarten van Bommel and Prof. Frederic Lynen (Ghent University))

ir. P.M. (Peter) Veer

Framing the Dutch Landscape (supervised by Prof. F. van Vree and Prof. R. van der Laarse)

Winnie Verbeek

From Belief to Heritage: Changing Meanings of Religious Objects in Museum Environment (supervised by Prof. A. de Jong)


Ms F. (Francesca) Verga MA

Fill and Unfill the Blankness: cultural interpretrations of Mike Kelley's sites of memory works (supervised by Prof. C.-M. Lerm Hayes and Prof. R. van der Laarse)

Mr N.A.M. (Nico) Vriend MA

The pulse of bureaucracy: paperwork in the Dutch Ministry of Colonies, 1813-1900 (supervised by Prof. C. Jeurgens)

drs. J. (Jitte) Waagen

Finds and Models, new quantitative approaches and spatial models in archaeological survey (supervised by Prof. V. Stissi)

drs. P.L. (Paul) van de Water

Gewelddadige daders. Extremistische collaborateurs tijdens de bezetting van Nederland (1940—1945) (supervised by Prof. F. van Vree)

Ms A.B. (Agnieszka) Wielocha MA

Artist Participation as Research Tool in Conservation Practices (supervised by Prof. L. Leydesdorff, Prof. E. Hendriks, Prof. C.-M. Lerm Hayes and Dr. S. Stigter)

Ms A. (Alia) Yunis MA

Cinema Without Camels: Creating Visualized Heritage in the UAE (supervised by Prof. R. van der Laarse and Dr. I Saloul)