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In the second session of Rethinking Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM PhD Seminar Series), the focus lies on experience and epistemology against an expanding prevalence of digitality. Noortje de Leij (ASCA) and Dusan Barok (AHM) will represent their research, followed by a response by Prof. Robin Boast.

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Date 7 December 2016
Time 16:00 - 18:00

The starting point for this seminar is a question art critic Hal Foster posed in his 1996 essay: does electronic information - the 'archive without museum' - allow for a new dialectics of seeing or is it a mere base of data, a repository of the given? Photographic reproduction has long challenged the status of the art object. For Walter Benjamin, it strips art of context, shatters tradition, liquidates aura and in conse-quence represents a definitive rupture of the museum. For André Malraux, on the other hand, photography implies the museum’s indefinite expansion and provides the means to reassemble the broken bits of tradition into one metatradition of global styles, a new museum without walls. Yet, in their quest to extend their reach and impact, museums continue to digitize their collections and transform artifacts into data set free to circulate online. Does this dialectic still apply to our situation when electronic archives tend to provide the mnemonic experience, split from the visual one, taken up by the museum as a site of exhibition-form of art and spectacle architecture?

Preparatory readings:

Location: University Library, Vondelzaal, Singel 425, Amsterdam.

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