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Transmitting from the Amsterdam art space Rongwrong, If I Can’t Dance 2019–20 Research Fellow Giulia Damiani opens the series 'Mythologies/Methodologies. Approaching Feminist Collectivities of the 1970s and 1980s' with a performance-lecture activating the exhibition 'From the Volcano to the Sea. The Feminist Group Le Nemesiache in 1970s and 1980s Naples', curated by Damiani in conclusion of her fellowship.

Event details of The Naepolitan Feminist Group Le Nemesiache
Date 24 October 2020
Time 16:00 -18:30

Damiani’s presentation weaves together her analysis of Le Nemesiache’s collective practice with archival materials, as well as audio elements that bring in voices from the group’s living members and from US- based scholar Genevieve Hyacinthe on ritualistic approaches to contemporary art scholarship. Damiani proposes that Le Nemesiache’s interest in mythological embodiment was set against Western patriarchal paradigms of abstraction, objectivity and separation. Her performance-lecture explores the collective’s engagement in ritualistic actions and protests embedded in the volcanic landscapes of Naples and aimed at reclaiming its old pagan traditions.