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We are delighted to invite you to the launch of the University of Amsterdam’s Platform for the Ethics and Politics of Technology: please join the (Zoom) opening event and discuss the next steps with us. Speakers at the launch event will be Irene Zwiep (Director of Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research), Thomas Poell (Co-Director RPA Global Digital Cultures), Sonja Smets (Member Steering Board RPA Human(e) AI), Beate Roessler (Chair Dept. of Philosophy), Huub Dijstelbloem (Philosophy and WRR) Marjolein Lanzing (Philosophy), and Peter Sloot (director IAS).

Event details of Platform for the Ethics and Politics of Technology
Date 13 November 2020
Time 15:30 -17:00

Smart cities, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, medical technologies, the energy transition, sustainable technologies, surveillance capitalism: the current socio-technological transformations and new information and communication technologies affect almost every part of society and of our daily lives. Whether they concern the future of work, equal access to information and services, or the relationship between humans and their technological environment and the governance of technological societies: ethical and political issues concerning technology and the ways in which they challenge our self-understanding are at the core of today’s debates. 

There is a strong need for ethical and political reflection on recent technologies. They call for interdisciplinary research and cooperation with various stakeholders. To answer this call, the University of Amsterdam establishes a Platform that strengthens their research in the ethics, politics and governance of technology (including but not limited to AI and information technologies); and contributes to the diverse existing initiatives at the UvA (e.g. the RPAs,  the Research Priority Areas). The Platform aims to be a place that brings together existing research projects and initiates new projects and collaborations on the ethics and politics of technology. The Platform will invite scholars, key thinkers and stakeholders from society, government and industry to contribute to the public imagination that is required to address today’s issues of technology. The Platform will focus on collaborations with the RPAs and other research initiatives, thereby creating synergies between them. The Platform will intensify collaborations with external partners from civil society, government and industry. Visit our website to see what we do and who we work with.

Could you please inform us if you will join us the 13th of November? Please send an email to Annemijn Kwikkers at and you will receive a zoom link.