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Professor Memory, History and Transitional Justice and AHM academic staff member Nanci Adler draws in this short lecture attention to post-Soviet Russia’s ambivalent attitude toward its Stalinist past, and reflects on how to move beyond current impasses.

Event details of The Future of the Soviet Past
Date 8 February 2021
Time 17:00 -18:00

What are the prospects for reconciliation when a state denies, marginalizes, or appropriates the narrative regarding a history of repression? In conjunction with the end of the Soviet era and the global ascent of the human rights discourse, observers and Gulag survivors alike expected that the nation’s history of repression would be more fully acknowledged and redressed. This proved inaccurate.

This lecture is part of the SPUI25's lecture series 'Dit hebben we in huis!', which is co-organized  by the Facuklty of Humanities and the Illustere School.