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Four professors of AHM are the supervisors in three new research projects as part of the NWO valorisation program 'Museum Grants', that aims to develop talent and scientific research in the museum sector. Museum employees will work together with university professors on research that tells a new story about their museum collections.

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The AHM professors are involved in the following projects:

1. Comparing the Jewish museums in Amsterdam and Berlin

Prof. dr. F.P.I.M. van Vree (AHM), prof. dr. E.G.L. Schrijver (AHM), and Drs. H. Berg (Jewish Historical Museum of Amsterdam) will be leading this project that sets out to compare the changes that are planned for the permanent exhibitions in both the Jewish Museums in Berlin and Amsterdam. What is the best way to design a striking exhibition on the history of Jewism, relevant to society?

2. The real 'Frans Hals'

Prof. Dr. Ing. M. van Bommel, (AHM), Prof. dr. A. Wallert (UvA), and Dr. A. Tummers (Frans Hals Museum/De Hallen Haarlem) will research the criteria used by connoisseurs to tell a real Frans Hals painting from a fake one, and whether there are additional criteria that could be used in the future. This research will be presented to the public in a special museum exhibition.

3. The nineteenth century Biblical Museum of Ds. Leendert Schouten in our time

Prof. dr. J.W. van Henten (AHM), Drs. H.A. Pool (Amsterdam Biblical Museum), and Drs. J. Kiers (Amsterdam Biblical Museum) will research the way in which the collection assembled by Ds. Leendert Schouten is still relevant in today’s society. This collection, originally presented in the vicar’s parsonage, strongly combined explanation of the objects with sermons. Does this collection still have the same educational value, and what stories does a modern museum want to tell about the Bible and objects like the model of Temple Mount?