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dr. I.A.M. (Ihab) Saloul

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Ihab Saloul is Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies and Academic Coordinator Heritage & Memory Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Saloul is also a visiting professor of culture and politics at Freie Universität Berlin. He was a EUME-Fellow at the Wissenschaftkolleg zu Berlin (The Institute for Advanced Study, Berlin), and taught previously Comparative Literature and Media Studies at Maastricht University.

Saloul's interests include cultural memory and identity politics, literary theory and visual analysis, migration and diaspora as well as contemporary cultural thought in the Middle East. He is currently working on a new book project that deals with the aesthetics of displacement and exile in Palestinian and Israeli cultural memories. Provisionally titled- Contested Memories: Homeland's Rhetoric in Palestinian and Israeli Third Generations' Narratives -this comparative study explores the ways in which conflicted understandings of collective memory circulate in wider social worlds, helping to reshape contemporary social imaginations and political orders in the Middle East.



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Articles and Book Chapters  (selection)

"The Afterlives of 1948: Photographic Remembrances in a Time of Catastrophe". In ZOOM IN: 1948's Palestinian Refugees, Remembrances . Adwan, S, Ben-Zeev, E, Klein, M, Saloul, I, Sorek, T, Yazbak, M. Dordrecht and Boston: The Republic of Letters Publishing, 2011: 46-60

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"The Identification of the Nostalgic". In Conceptual Odysseys: Passages to Cultural Analysis . Mieke Bal and Griselda Pollock (eds). London and New York: I B Tauris, 2007: 120-38







  • Saloul, I. A. M. (in press). Post-Memory and Oral History: Transgenerational Memory in Exile. In G. Pasternack, & G. Pollack (Eds.), Insight Palestina: Images and the Image of Discourse London: I.B. Tauris.


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  • Saloul, I. (2007). 'Exilic narrativity': the invisibility of home in Palestinian exile. In S. Durrant, & C. M. Lord (Eds.), Essays in migratory aesthetics: cultural practices between migration and art-making (pp. 111-128). (Thamyris intersecting: place, sex, and race; No. 17). Amsterdam: Rodopi. [details] 


  • Saloul, I., & Eilat, G. (2014). Frozen Events, Competing Memories and Moving Forward. In F. Malzacher, & S. Wenner (Eds.), Two Minutes of Standstill: a collective performance by Yael Bartana (pp. 50-58). Cologne: Impulse Theater Biennale. [details] 


  • Saloul, I. (2015). Competing Memories: Performing Palestinian and Israeli 'We' in the Aftermath. Publications of the Modern Language Association of America, 129(5), 995. DOI: 10.1632/pmla.2014.129.5.988 


  • Saloul, Ihab (2017): Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study, ISA, Bologna University.
  • Saloul, Ihab (2015): Research Fellow.
  • Saloul, Ihab (2011): Research Fellow.

Scientific position

  • van der Laarse, Rob (chair) & Saloul, I.A.M. (chair) (2017-): Cultural Heritage and Identity (Organisational unit).
  • van der Laarse, Rob (chair) & Saloul, I.A.M. (chair) (2016-): Cultural Heritage and Identity (Organisational unit).

Journal editor

  • van der Laarse, Rob (editor) & Saloul, I.A.M. (editor) (2016-): Heritage and Memory Studies (Journal).
  • van der Laarse, Rob (editor), Saloul, I.A.M. (editor) & Baillie, Britt (editor) (2015-2020): Palgrave Macmillan (Publisher).


  • Munawar, N. (organiser), Morehouse, L.R. (organiser), Saloul, I.A.M. (organiser) & Symonds, J. (chair) (3-11-2017 - 5-11-2017): CHAT 2017 (Contemporary Historical Archaeology in Theory) -Heritage, Memory, Art, and Agency - Conference (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
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