Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture

Book series

Heritage and Memory Studies, Amsterdam University Press (AUP)

Rob van der Laarse (UvA) & Ihab Saloul (UvA)

This ground-breaking series examines the dynamics of heritage and memory studies from a transnational, interdisciplinary and integrated approach. Monographs or edited volumes critically interrogate the politics of heritage and memory, as well as the theoretical implications of landscapes and mass violence, nationalism and ethnicity, heritage preservation and conservation, archaeology and (dark) tourism, diaspora and postcolonial memory, the power of aesthetics and the art of absence and forgetting, and performative re-enactments in the present.

Palgrave Studies in Cultural Heritage and Conflict, Palgrave US

Ihab Saloul  (UvA), Rob van de Laarse  (UvA), Britt Baillie (Cambridge University)

This book series explores the relationship between cultural heritage and conflict. The key themes of the series are the heritage and memory of war and conflict, contested heritage, and competing memories. The series editors seek books that analyze the dynamics of the past from the perspective of tangible and intangible remnants, spaces, and traces as well as heritage appropriations and restitutions, significations, musealizations, medializations as well as mediatizations in the present. Books in the series should address topics such as the politics of heritage and conflict, identity and trauma, mourning and reconciliation, nationalism and ethnicity, diaspora and intergenerational memories, painful heritage and terrorscapes, as well as the mediated re-enactments of conflicted pasts.

Landscape and Heritage Studies, Amsterdam University Press

Rob van der Laarse (UvA), Jan Kolen (Universiteit Leiden), et all

LHS is an English-language series about the history, heritage and transformation of the natural and cultural landscapes and built environment. The series aims at the promotion of new directions as well as the rediscovery and exploration of lost tracks in landscape and heritage research. Both theoretically oriented approaches play and important part in the realization of this objective.

Published by  Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture

24 August 2016