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Results: 1 - 20 of 200
  • Call for Papers: Religion and Heritage
    4 Mar 2021
    The NGG conference 'Religion and Heritage: Futures for Religious Pasts', which will be held on 3-5 November 2021 in Amsterdam, invites reflection on the intertwinements of religion and heritage.
  • Funded PhD position at AHM
    2 Feb 2021
    The Faculty of Humanities invites applications for a PhD position at the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM), tenable from 1 September 2021 (4 years, 1 FTE). The deadline for applications ...
  • Historical Traces of European Radio Archives, 1930-1960
    29 Jan 2021
    Call for Papers: Workshop at the University of Amsterdam and/or online | Organisers: Carolyn Birdsall, Corinna R. Kaiser and Erica Harrison | 28-29 October 2021 | Contact: | Abstracts: 15 April 2021, no ...
  • Sanneke Stigter and Sven Dupré selected for STUDIOTOPIA Art & Science Residency programme
    21 Jan 2021
    Sanneke Stigter (Conservation and Restoration) and Sven Dupré (professor of History of Art, Science and Technology) have been selected for the STUDIOTOPIA Art & Science Residency programme, in which they will ...
  • Call for Papers: Decolonising the Memories of Enslavement
    11 Jan 2021
    The issues of discrimination and racism are more than ever at the heart of today’s debates in Europe, America and Africa since the killing of Georges Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis. The conference ...
  • Call for applications: Laskaridis Visiting Research Fellowships in Modern Greek Studies 2021-2022
    23 Dec 2020
    The Faculty of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam invites applications for two (2) visiting research fellowships in the field of Modern Greek Studies for early-career and more advanced scholars who wish to ...
  • PhD position in 'Culturally and Socially Responsible AI'
    22 Dec 2020
    The Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam is looking to fill one PhD position in the area of 'Culturally and Socially Responsible AI'.
  • Healing Waters and Pleasure Grounds. Spa literature podcast
    20 Dec 2020
    Embark on the journey, attend spa concerts and visit the casino along with the heroes from works by Mary Countess von Bothmer, Anneli Jordahl, George Sand, Mikhail Lermontov, Charles Clarke, Thomas Mann (of course!) ...
  • Finishing Fellowships voor acht FGw-promovendi
    23 Oct 2020
    Ieder jaar kent de faculteit een aantal Finishing Fellowships toe. Deze zijn bedoeld voor promovendi die zonder structurele financiering erin zijn geslaagd het grootste gedeelte van hun dissertatie te schrijven. De ...
  • Finishing Fellowships awarded to eight PhD candidates
    23 Oct 2020
    Every year the Faculty offers a number of Finishing Fellowships to PhD candidates who have succeeded in writing an advanced draft of their thesis without the support of structural funding. The fellowships aim to ...
  • Reconstructie van de kruising van de Lange en Korte Houtstraat, in zuidoostelijke richting naar de Leprozengracht
    Wander through the 17th-century Waterlooplein neighbourhood in 3D
    2 Oct 2020
    What did life use to be like in the Waterlooplein neighbourhood? UvA archaeologists investigated this and created 3D reconstructions of what the neighbourhood must have looked like in the past. The result can be seen ...
  • Reconstructie van de kruising van de Lange en Korte Houtstraat, in zuidoostelijke richting naar de Leprozengracht
    Dwaal in 3D door de 17e-eeuwse Waterloopleinbuurt
    1 Oct 2020
    Hoe was vroeger het leven in de Waterloopleinbuurt? UvA-archeologen deden daar onderzoek naar en maakten 3D-reconstructies van hoe de wijk er ooit uit moet hebben gezien. Het resultaat is te zien in de ...
  • Postdoctoral position 'Radio Archives in Central Europe, 1930-1960'
    17 Sep 2020
    The Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture invites applications for a Postdoctoral position at the Faculty of Humanities, tenable from 1 January 2021 (2 years, 1 FTE) as part of the NWO-funded ...
  • Glass sphere
    Call for Proposals | Research Innovation and Sustainability Fund 2020
    10 Sep 2020
    The UvA Faculty of Humanities offers the Research Innovation and Sustainability (RIS) Fund that aims at supporting staff with research time in their career development and expanding their opportunities to conduct ...
  • Foto van een slachtoffer
    Massagraven bieden nieuw bewijs van geweld tegen vrouwen in Franco’s Spanje
    7 Aug 2020
    Vrouwen waren het slachtoffer van genderspecifiek geweld tijdens de Spaanse burgeroorlog en de dictatuur van Franco, zegt archeoloog en forensisch antropoloog Laura Muñoz-Encinar in een recente publicatie. Door ...
  • One of the victims
    Mass graves provide new evidence of violence against women in Franco's Spain
    7 Aug 2020
    Women suffered gender-specific violence during the Spanish Civil War and Franco's dictatorship, says archaeologist and forensic anthropologist Laura Muñoz-Encinar in a recent publication. The researcher excavated ...
  • Digitale erfgoedcollecties beter toegankelijk maken via ‘transfer learning’
    9 Jul 2020
    Giovanni Colavizza (Mediastudies) ontvangt financiering voor zijn out-of-the-box onderzoeksidee voor het inzetten van overdrachtleertechnieken om gedigitaliseerde erfgoedcollecties beter toegankelijk te maken voor ...
  • Digital Infrastructure Grant for Cross-media Research awarded to Julia Noordegraaf
    8 Jul 2020
    Last year, the Dutch council for the Social Sciences and Humanities announced its plans to structurally invest in digital infrastructure for SSH research, as a means to respond to the major challenges of big data, ...
  • Florence Evans, New AHM Funded PhD Candidate
    8 Jul 2020
    It is a great pleasure to announce that the 2020 AHM Funded PhD position has been offered to Florence Evans. Evans holds a Masters in History of Art and Visual Culture from St. Anne’s College at the University of Oxford.
  • Dr. Colin Sterling, New AHM Assistant Professor of Memory and Museums
    8 Jul 2020
    From January 2021, Dr. Colin Sterling will join AHM as an Assistant Professor of Memory and Museums. Sterling is currently an AHRC Research Fellow at UCL Institute of Archaeology. He was previously a Post-Doctoral ...