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Research groups

Results: 1 - 35 of 35
Results: 1 - 35 of 35
  • (Un)Mapping Infrastructures: Transnational Perspectives on Modern Art, 1900-1970
  • Absent Memories: Social and Political Forgetting
  • Archaeological Heritage and Contemporary Society
  • Archaeology of Cultural Lanscapes and Natural Environment
  • Architecture of Identities and a 4D Research Lab
  • Archives and Records in Transition
  • Auditory Memory and Sound Archives (Late 19th Century – Present)
  • Books as Cultural Intermediary
  • Canon Commentary Heritage
  • Conflict Archaeology
  • Conserving Wax-Resin Lined Paintings
  • Contemporary Art Conservation
  • Diasporic & Divided Memories
  • Digital Heritage
  • Dynamics of Memory: WWII Heritage & Memory in the Netherlands in an International Context
  • Experiencing the Past: Heritage, Tourism and Intermediality
  • Global Trajectories of Thought and Memory: Art and the Global South
  • Intangible Culture: The Heritage Dynamics and Politics of Everyday Life
  • Landscapes of War, Trauma and Occupation: Painful Heritage and Memory
  • Making Memories: European Elites, Country House Cultures & Identities
  • Material Culture and the Past
  • Materiality in the Study and Conservation of Cultural Heritage
  • Modernism and Avant-garde
  • Museums and Interpretation: Visitors’ Narratives, Objects and Digital Tools
  • Occupation Heritage: Memory Sites in the Middle East
  • Oral History
  • Post Memories: Intergenerational Narratives of Conflict
  • Post-Museum
  • Postcolonial Heritage, Memory and Identity
  • Presenting Cultural Heritage
  • Rethinking Heritage Studies
  • Sites of Memory in Contemporary Art
  • Terrorscapes: Transnational Memory in Postwar Europe
  • The collection as an agent. Collections and Collectors in 20th-Century Musicology
  • Transnational Memories