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How to apply

Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture

AHM welcomes PhD candidates from all over the world. There are some options to join the AHM PhD program.

PhD Candidates with an AHM Fellowship

PhD candidates who are employed by the Faculty of Humanities at AHM.

At the moment there are no AHM fellowships available. Vacancies will be posted on this webpage

PhD Candidates in Funded Research Projects (NWO or ERC)

PhD candidates who are employed by the Faculty as part of an externally funded research team and have applied to a specific PhD project within a larger research program. Vacancies will be posted on this webpage.

Externally or Self-funded PhD Candidates

AHM also offers the possibility of pursuing a (non-funded) ‘external’ PhD. These are PhD candidates who bring their own funding either by having a job, or a stipend, loan or grant from another source. Although not provided a stipend, external PhD candidates are considered, for all extents and purposes, full doctoral candidates and have access to UvA facilities and resources. Applications for these positions are accepted throughout the year.

Joining AHM as an externally or self funded PhD candidate:

  1. Read the AHM Research Program on the website under ‘Research’ and decide how your project fits in or contributes to the program. It is not necessary to fit into only one of the research groups, the proposal may relate to more than one group.
  2. Choose a supervisor from the academic staff at AHM ("prof. dr." or "dr.") on the basis of the information provided in the research program. Contact her/him by sending an e-mail and a first short draft of your proposal (max. 2000 words). See under ‘Researchers’ on this site for the e-mail addresses.
  3. Rewrite the proposal according to the guidelines below and the advice provided by the supervisor.
  4. Ask your supervisor to write a short statement confirming her/his commitment to the project and an argumentation of how the project contributes to the AHM program (max. 250 words).
  5. Send the proposal, including a c.v., a copy of your passport and of your MA degree, together with your supervisor's statement by e-mail to the AHM office:
AHM-specific guidelines for externally funded PhD proposals

More practical information