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In 2024, the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM) celebrates its 10th anniversary. During the past ten years, AHM devoted much energy to ‘the making of the school’. While this process is still in development, the school has now become an intellectual home for more than 120 junior and senior researchers. The focus of their work is the tangible, and the intangible remains of the past and the reciprocal relations between objects and meanings, and the dynamics of memory.

The integrative, interdisciplinary, and critical approach to problematising, conceptualising and analysing heritage and memory acts, material culture practices, policies, and politics at all levels in Europe and beyond, is unique to AHM. This year’s AHM annual conference (June 20-21) will showcase the interdisciplinary and transnational research conducted across several fields within the school. The conference also aims to create a dialogue between AHM’s research and external and social partners in order to explore and discuss questions and problems that are relevant in the fields of heritage, memory, and material culture today within and beyond the university.

We invite AHM scholars, early-career researchers, PhD candidates, practitioners, and professionals to submit their proposals. Topics include, but are not limited to the main AHM research themes:

  • Museums and Memorials
  • Heritage and Conflict
  • Transnational Memory Narratives
  • Digitality and E-Memory
  • Materiality and Material Culture

Applications should include a short abstract (max. 250 words) and a short biography (max. 100 words). Please submit your application by 15 March 2024, to Josien Franken at

We are actively looking to make this an inter-disciplinary conference and so we invite proposals for special events such as film screenings or performances, etc., to be part of the Cultural Programme.