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This theme focuses on the documentation, analysis, interpretation and conservation of materials and material culture varying from archeological sites, (art) object to landscapes.

Theme Leaders: Prof. Maarten van Bommel & Dr. Gert Jan van Wijngaarden

Material culture constitutes much more than ‘things’ or ‘technology’. Objects, artworks, buildings and landscapes are considered to be active agents in social interactions. The emphasis within this theme is on continuous, material and cultural change. By considering material culture as vibrant assemblages on different scales, we address material and social resilience in the past, present and future. The broad and active approach to material culture maintained within this theme encourages interdisciplinary cooperation, hence the theme is situated on the intersections of material sciences, social studies and the humanities reaching out to the other partners in AHM and beyond.

A seventeenth-century gown (known as 'the dress' as used by (inter)national press), recovered from the Burgzand-Noord 17 shipwreck and on display in Museum Kaap Skil on Texel, in a specially designed oxygen-free display case to reduce degradation. The dress is shown horizontally in order to reduce mechanical stress, and the light levels are low to prevent discolouration of the objects on display. Image: Museum Kaap Skil.
Prof. dr. M.R. (Maarten) van Bommel

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Science

Dr. G.J.M. (Gert Jan) van Wijngaarden

Faculty of Humanities

Capaciteitsgroep Archeologie